​Kate Middleton & Queen Elizabeth's Relationship Just Got Even More Awkward

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For a while now, we've heard rumors that Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth don't get along. The rumors of course have never been confirmed by anyone in the royal family, but if you believe the ol' "where there's smoke, there's fire" theory, there's got to be some truth to the gossip. And today? Today we hear more talk that the two women don't like each other -- but this story has a twist.


According to Hello magazine, the Duchess and the Queen have decided to put their differences aside in order to attend the annual Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey on March 9. The event is supposedly going to be the last hurrah for Kate before she gives birth to baby number two in April.

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It's been reported numerous times that Kate and Queen Elizabeth can't seem to get along as of late for the life of them. Their tumultuous relationship supposedly is mostly because of the two women's differing opinions on child rearing. According to Life & Style, things came to a head recently when Kate walked out of the Queen's Sandringham estate after a heated argument about Kate wanting to move in with her mom again after the baby's arrival. The Queen, reportedly, wants her to stay at home and hire a baby nurse. "The queen raised her voice as she clashed with Kate and Prince William about how they raised their child," a royal insider said. "Kate couldn’t bear it any longer and walked out."

Yikes. If there's any truth to this gossip, sounds like things are not at all well behind palace doors. Hopefully, appearing side-by-side at the Commonwealth Day service will force the ladies to come to an understanding with one another. After all, a new baby is about to make their way into the royal family. Do they really want to welcome him or her under contentious, drama-filled circumstances? I seriously doubt it.

Do you think Kate and the Queen are really fighting?


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