'Naked Man Falls Out of Buckingham Palace Window,' But the Royals Are Staying Mum (VIDEO)

Someone went to great lengths to make it look like a naked man was climbing out of Buckingham Palace using just a bed sheet for support—either that or security at the palace is very lax these days. A video showing a naked man falling out of one of the Queen's windows has gone viral, leading everyone to wonder who is behind it and whether it is, in fact, a hoax.


The video shows tourists standing in front of the London attraction as a young man climbs out from one of the windows of Buckingham Palace while hanging on to a white bed sheet. After he makes it a few feet down, he suddenly plummets to the ground.

The incident reportedly happened during the changing of the guard ceremony. Obviously, had this been a real video, people around the palace would have reacted and the guards would have swiftly closed in to arrest the guy—assuming he hadn't broken all of his limbs from the fall.

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Local hospitals did not report admitting a man who suffered injuries from this type of fall, nor is Buckingham Palace lowering itself enough to provide comment.

And, it goes without saying, had a man been dangling nude from the palace, every person with a cell phone would have posted footage of it by now. Still, the person responsible boasts some pretty impressive film editing skills:

What do you think? Real or fake?


Image via Rob Young/Flickr

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