Dakota Johnson's Skits on 'SNL' -- See 'Em All Here (VIDEOS)

Dakota Johnson is one of the biggest celebs on the planet right now, thanks to the enormous success of Fifty Shades of Grey. She solidified her star power last night by doing something only the biggest stars are asked to do: host Saturday Night Live. Not only did she kill (in the best possible way) her comedy skits, Dakota didn't shy away from some of the most risque material we've seen on SNL in years. Check out the skits everyone is talking about.


In her opening monologue, Dakota admits Fifty Shades has completely changed her life and cites her dry cleaner's inability to look her in the eye as just one of the many ways her world is completely different. She then pokes fun at the film's chances at appearing anywhere on next year's Oscar awards show and pays homage to her famous parents, while embarrassing the pants off of them:

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In her Cinderella skit, Prince Charming tries to woo Dakota's Cinderella, but his efforts are destroyed by Cathy Anne, a straight-talking friend who smokes cigs and tries to ruin their romantic night:

The "Father Daughter Ad" proved to be the most controversial Dakota skit—and one of SNL's all-time most controversial sketches. Viewers are still debating whether it was appropriate of the show to poke fun at ISIS by showing Dakota's character leaving home in order to join the Islamic State terrorist group:

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In "Say What You Wanna Say," Dakota and the other female cast members imagine what life would be like if women didn't just speak up more, but actually said everything that is on their minds:

In "Press Junket," Dakota fields questions about Fifty Shade of Grey ... from a middle school student:

Three of the worst coworkers in the world "literally can't even" deal with the frigid winter or their coworker, who broke both of her arms:

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What better way to pay homage to Leonard Nimoy's Spock then with this funny skit, in which a doctor shows up at work dressed in a Star Trek costume?

Dakota plays a blogger who would slam "Net Neutrality," if she and other panelists could explain what it actually is:

Which of Dakota's SNL skits was your favorite?


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