Dakota Johnson's 'SNL' ISIS Skit Makes People Angry (VIDEO)

Dakota Johnson has decided to leave her fabulous acting career behind and join ISIS. Obviously, not in real life, but that's the silly scenario one of her characters played out on last night's Saturday Night Live. I think you can predict what happened next: a bunch of people complained that Dakota and SNL went there and used a word that has been thrown around so often it has lost all meaning: offensive.


In the short clip, Dakota plays a young woman who is leaving home to, we think, go to college. She bids her dad farewell and then meets her connection: members of the Islamic State terrorist group who promise dad they'll take good care of his daughter.

SNL isn't exactly known as a show that pushes the envelope too far. It may touch upon controversial topics from time to time, but does so in a very safe way. But the very mention of ISIS, which has been responsible for the deaths of many innocent people, including two American journalists, was enough to drive some people over the edge.

People weighed in on Twitter and, as you can imagine, their reactions varied greatly.

Those who opposed it had very good, and humane, reasons for doing so:

On the other hand, there's something to be said about NOT giving a group like ISIS so much power that they become off-limits when it comes to ridicule:

Personally, I wasn't offended by the skit. But humor is subjective and I can understand why others would feel uncomfortable watching this.

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ISIS is still beheading people. The difference between poking fun at, say, Hitler, and making fun of ISIS is one of time and distance. And there hasn't been a second of time between ISIS' last horrific move and this sketch. 

Check it out and let us know what you think:

Do you find this SNL sketch offensive?


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