Prince William Dresses Up In Samurai Costume In Japan (VIDEO)

Prince William is doing his duty as an ambassador to the United Kingdom—by wearing a very interesting costume while touring Japan and China. During his week-long visit, the fun-loving prince dressed up like a famous Samurai warrior while visiting a studio in Tokyo. On the heels of hearing bad news about pregnant Kate Middleton having to be rushed to the hospital, video footage of Will looking totally at ease has us thinking maybe (hopefully) everything is better than we think back home.


During a trip to Japan's public broadcaster NHK, Prince Will dressed up as the samurai warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi, complete with a gold helmet, tunic, and replica sword. He joked that the only prop he wouldn't wear was a wig because his brother Prince Harry would never let him live it down.

Kate, who is due to give birth to the royal couple's second child in April, did not accompany her husband overseas and was, in fact, hospitalized just a few days ago because she was suffering from stomach pains. Thankfully, everything appears to be okay, but she was reportedly told that she might deliver early.

Now, I've known plenty of people who can compartmentalize their feelings like champs and who are able to just carry on with their work when the walls are crashing down around them. But, judging by how unencumbered the prince appears to be in this video, I'd be shocked to learn Kate's condition was very serious. Which is great, by the way.

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And I am the only one wondering how much truth there is to all of the other rumors circulating about how Kate and the Queen are at war over everything—from her wardrobe to her decision not to work after she gives birth to her desire to move in with her mom instead of hiring a baby nurse?  Two people can certainly clash, but they usually agree on at least one or two things. Again, Will appears to be unphased by it all.

Maybe the prince is just being a typical guy who can blow off steam when the moment calls for it and take a break from all of the drama from time to time?

Do you think Prince Will's goofy costume fun proves everything is fine and dandy at home? 


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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