Jada Pinkett Smith Admits She Gets 'Freaky' Seeing Will With Other Women (VIDEO)

Will SmithWhen it comes to watching your man get it on with another woman -- I mean, no lady wants to watch that, right?! Didn't Amelia Warner prove it by refusing to watch hubby Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades? But Jada Pinkett is NOT Amelia Warner. Girlfriend just admitted she kind of, well, enjoys it when she sees Will Smith getting all jiggy with other woman on screen ...


While walking the red carpet for Will's new flick, Focus, the long-time married couple was asked how they feel about watching each other in sex scenes. Jada's surprising response? She doesn't mind it at all. Take a look:

Well, this won't do much to put those "open marriage" rumors to rest!

But I think Jada speaks like a woman who is totally secure in her marriage. They've been hitched for 20 years, unlike Jamie and Amelia, who are still newlyweds. Yeah, after that long, it's just nice to someone, anyone, getting it on.

And, let's face it, jealousy can be an immediate aphrodisiac. When you've been together a very long time, the passion begins to naturally fade, and there's nothing like a little sexual threat to spice things back up and make you feel like it's the beginning all over again, and you're once again competing for your loved one's affections.

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I love the way Jada puts it out there. "It's like a nice voyeuristic way to see your man," she says. Yep, she's freaky like that. Gotta love it.

Does seeing your man flirt ever turn you on?

Image via @Parisa/ Splash News

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