Kate Middleton's Past Comes Back to Haunt Her

kate middleton

You can take the girl out of the super ginormous non-castle, but apparently you can't take the super ginormous non-castle out of the girl. According to recent reports, Kate Middleton's "commoner" past has come back to haunt her. Well, actually, it hasn't come back as much as it never left. Despite her being the future Queen of England, evidently, Kate just can't shake her peasant complex.


A few outlets recently have made mention of Kate's middle class upbringing, and the fact that a few years back, royalist James Whitaker said, "I’m not against the middle class as such, but I do query whether Kate Middleton has the background and breeding to be queen one day." Now that the Duchess is set to give birth to her "spare to the heir," further solidifying her place in Kensington Palace, people have been wondering if Kate's non-royal background is coming back to bite her.

Despite the fact that Kate has lived out so many little girls' dreams of marrying a prince when they grow up, fact is, she still isn't a true "blue blood." Yes, she grew up in a huge house and vacationed on yachts and went to boarding school, but, technically, she still is "one of us." Her parents, after all, met when they were flight attendants.

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Personally, I love the fact that Kate didn't grow up royal. It's refreshing and seems like she'll breathe new, more modern life into the old, conservative palace. But, of course, there will always be the talk. The people who just can't fully accept that she, a person with a coal miner for a grandfather, will be ruling with a golden scepter inside the palace doors one day.

Deal with it, people. Whether you like it or not, Kate's here to stay. And, going off of some other "true" royal family members, that's definitely a good thing.

Do you view Kate as a commoner?


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