Kim Kardashian's Flawless Photos Can Finally Be Explained

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Kim Kardashian is a beautiful woman. Makeup or no makeup. Long hair or shorter hair. Kanye or no Kanye. (Okay, that last one is debatable.) But news broke last week that Kim's paying someone to retouch her photos a whopping $100K so she looks flawless. However some new details have been revealed that she uses this photo editing app to perfect on the perfection -- and it's free.


The app is called Perfect365 and it's available free on most smart phones. Apparently Kim and the whole Kardash family uses it, along with their friends in-the-know. I just tried it. It's insane. The app needs to recognize a full face (head-on photos are best). And then it goes to work. Serious work. It can slim your nose and your face, put on lipstick and gloss, add a bit of eyeliner, get rid of the baggage under your eyes, make your cheeks rosy, and heighten your cheekbones. It's slightly terrifying/electrifying/incredible to see what you can do to your face. I'd recommend it for anyone considering plastic surgery. Or, of course, anyone wanting to look like they never saw a pimple or broken blood vessel. Ever.

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Editing your photo before you put it out there for the world to see is no big deal. We put makeup on to enhance our look, wear certain clothes, put on heels -- it's a bit of a mirage sometimes. Photo editing? It's just the times we are living in.

It also made me realize how skilled the Kardashians really are in photo editing. It takes a meticulous eye to look flawless in a pic. Trial and error. Go back to the original. Try again. It's time consuming. There are way more options than what we have in Instagram. Maybe even worth $100,000 a year. Maybe.

Do you use photo editing apps for your photos? Have you tried Perfect360?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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