Kim Kardashian's Beyond-Tight Latex Dress Looks Like a Halloween Costume

kim kardashian

What's latex, pink, and tighter than a Downton Abbey corset? Kim Kardashian! Well, more specifically, Kim Kardashian's dress. On Thursday, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star stepped out at a London party honoring Madonna in one of her most eye-catching (and, yes, revealing) outfits yet. You have to see this dress.


Kim has been wearing some pretty crazy outfits lately, but this one very well may take the cake. I mean, it's so tight! And pink! And, latex! Kim, you've really outdone yourself.

kim kardashian

Wow, right? Kim looks like a fembot here! There isn't a single inch of her that isn't being hugged in this get up. How did she get it on? How did she pee?!

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Ironically, Rob Kardashian's ex, Rita Ora, was at the same party Kim was, wearing an almost identical dress. Awk-ward! The two women wore their pink latex outfits very differently -- Kim going glam, Rita going rocker -- but still. The dresses were incredibly similar. Somewhere in Calabasas, a styling assistant is being fired right now.

Kim's body looks unbelievable in this dress, but not sure what I think of it. It's very (very) sexy, but there's definitely a little bit of a Halloween costume vibe to it. Or an S&M one. Definitely not a look for everyone. Somehow, though, Kim makes it work.

Who wore it better?


Images via All Access Photo/Splash News; News

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