What Color Is THAT Dress? Celebrities Battle It Out

Everyone's talking about "The Dress" this morning. And, rest assured, your favorite celebrities were up late last night, as confused as you were about the most popular dress that nobody actually wants to wear. Celebs flocked to Twitter to take sides in the ultimate Team Gold and White versus Team Blue and Black battle. Find out which agreed with your version of the truth.


Surely, you've lost your mind trying to figure out what this dress thing all means and whether this signifies the end of the world. Is it simply a matter of poor lighting? Should you get your eyes checked? Does this mean ladybugs could actually be green with white polka dots? Help! It should make you feel better knowing the celebs were as confused as we were.

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Over on one side, we've got the celebs who are obviously seeing things that aren't there because they swore up and down that this dress was white and gold (it totally isn't, by the way).

Kim Kardashian:

Yeah, yeah Cara Delevingne is a model and everything, but that doesn't mean she's right about this dress!

Jimmy Fallon:

Bethenny Frankel:

They're all wrong—wrong, I tell you! The only celebrities whose opinions truly matter are those that saw blue and black because they are obviously more clued into the spiritual world, which is clearly where this damn dress came from. 

Taylor Swift:

The Dress got Mindy Kaling all kinds of worked up:

The Biebs:

White-and-golders, Chrissy Teigen has a harsh message for you:

Ariana Grande has had enough of all of our nonsense:

And, finally, allow Miley Cyrus to shut down the debate with one photo where she imagines a world in which all colors can work in peace together:

Definitely .

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on


What colors do you see?


Image via swiked/Tumblr

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