Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Divorcing? 6 Reasons the Rumors Must Be True

Apparently Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are getting divorced again. You know, because they showed up to the Oscars together and held hands. Seriously, the gossipers have been out in full force, speculating that the country superstars are headed to divorce court. So in the interest of examining all the evidence, we've picked apart Tim and Faith's recent behavior and have found several indicators that they may actually be on the verge of a split.


Here are six reasons Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are obviously getting divorced. 

1. She cut her hair. Everyone knows that a woman who changes her hair is about to change her life. Plus this isn't just any change -- she went from long blonde locks to a stylish pixie. This must be a metaphor for cutting out the dead weight in her life.

2. They listed their house for sale. This is no brainer, right? Obviously they're trying to liquefy their assets before making an official split. It's just so much easier when you don't have to argue over who gets to keep the house.

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3. They were kissing on the red carpet at the Oscars last weekend. It had to have been a show though, because sources say they partied all night long. Because they didn't want to go home together. Duh.

4. Tim is going on tour. There will be groupies. Just saying. They may have survived countless tours in the past, but with all the gossip happening, who knows what will happen on this one?

5. Their kids are growing up. They have three daughters, and the youngest is now 13. While she's obviously not out of the house yet, she's officially a teenager, and much more independent than she was when she was younger. A lot of times couples get lost in the child-rearing years, only to find out that they don't have much in common anymore after they're grown.

6. They're a celebrity couple, and everyone knows that if you're married in Hollywood, divorce is inevitable.

OK, obviously we don't think Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are on the brink of divorce. They may be, they may not be, but none of the factors listed above necessarily mean anything about the status of their relationship. It's got to be a heck of a lot of pressure to be under the microscope constantly. Who knows what was going on during their somewhat awkward appearance at the Oscars on the red carpet? But let's just assume the best and move on, shall we?

Do you think Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are headed for divorce?


Image via Faith Hill/Instagram

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