Bruce Jenner May Be Becoming a Lady but He Still Loves the Ladies

Ever since it began to seem unofficially official that Bruce Jenner is indeed transitioning to become a woman, our brains have been exploding with questions. Will Bruce get full transition surgery? Will he call himself "Belinda" as reported? Who will he date? Well, to hear Star magazine tell it, while some things will radically change, some things will stay pretty much the same.


An insider told Star that while Bruce may be transitioning to the opposite sex he has no intention of transitioning his sexual orientation and will continue to date women. The source says of the married-three-times-biological-father-of-six:

He’s not sure if the hormone treatments will change how he feels about men, but right now he says that he still likes women and can’t imagine himself being attracted to men ... He always loved the ladies ... He longs to be feminine and pretty — and also to feel the touch of another woman.

In fact, Bruce or Belinda may already have a girlfriend, someone he began seeing after he began his transitition: his ex-wife Kris's former friend, Ronda Kamihiri.

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The source says that the two are still going strong, despite Bruce's imminent change to Belinda. The source says that even if Bruce and Ronda don't end up in a serious relationship, he is still saving his heart for a her ... and whoever she is, she will be the first person to love Bruce for him(her)self.


Image via Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment


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