Madonna Trips On Stage & Hilarious Memes Are Born (PHOTOS)

Once upon a time, a celebrity could trip on stage and no one, save the 500 people watching from the audience, would be the wiser. But when Madonna took a flying leap off stage at the Brit Awards after she tripped on her gorgeous luxe Armani cape (well worth the fall, if you ask me), every single person on the planet got to see it. It also inspired quite a few hilarious Madonna/cape memes.


For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, here is the moment Madonna tripped on her Queen's garb:

Unfortunately, this clip doesn't show you the best part: Madonna getting up, shrugging the entire incident off, and continuing to kick ass on stage. And that is exactly why, at age 56, the pop star is still performing at awards shows wearing dramatic capes. Like a boss.

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Still, there's no way people can resist the temptation to create a bunch of funny memes poking fun at Madonna, especially since she has enough of a sense of humor to post this message on her Instagram:

So, now that we know she didn't break her ankle or anything, let's get to the memes, shall we?

Naturally, Madonna's cape became an overnight sensation:

More cape goodness:

Oh, this one is just wrong. Ageism at its worst! Boooo:

But, seriously, what was that thing in her hand?


My personal favorite:

And your takeaway message:

Do you think it's time Madonna hung up her cape and stopped performing or do you think she's more than made up for her fall?


Image via madonna/Instagram

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