Kylie Jenner's Dreams of Becoming Kendall Just Came to an End

Kylie JennerPoor Kylie Jenner. She has lived in the shadow of her more famous sisters for all of her life, and lately the pressure seems to be taking its toll. I mean, how many more selfies do we have to see where puffy-lipped Kylie tries to look exactly like Kim?


Now it appears Kylie is desperately trying to be taken seriously as a model, just like, well, you-know-who. In fact, Kylie supposedly made extra nice with Vogue editor Anna Wintour backstage at Kanye's fashion show and then told Kris Jenner to get her a spread in the respected fashion mag.

But the answer was a resounding, No, thanks. A source told RadarOnline:

Kylie has been turned down. She was offered Teen Vogue, but was less than thrilled with the offer, and is holding out for Vogue ... Kylie just  isn't on the same level of a model as Kendall is, and there is nothing wrong with that. There should be no expectation that just because of her family connections to Vogue, she will score a spot in the magazine.

Wah-wah-waahhhh. Teen Vogue! That's sort of like being offered a spot at Joey Buttafuoco Community College when you've applied to Harvard.

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Kylie just has to accept that when it comes to modeling, Kendall outshines her. But Kylie will always take home the biggest lips award, and hey, that's nothing to shake a stick at.


Image via KylieJenner/Instagram

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