Kim Kardashian's Raunchy Picture With Kanye Is Just … Ew!

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Kim Kardashian is often called a lot of things, but classy isn't among them. And this here photo of Kim licking Kanye West's face kinda shows why. This is exactly the sort of thing that Emily Post frowns upon. Wanna see a pic of Kim basically eating her husband's face? Of course you don't! But, you know you're going to look anyway ...



A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Why, Kim, why? Please tell us the point of posting this photo. We get that you and Kanye are in love, and really, that's great. But, this? No. Also, the caption? Unnecessary. We all live in a KimKAllDay world. No need to spell it out for us. 

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Even though this photo is kind of grody, I must admit, it's nice to see a picture other than the standard serious-face selfies Kim normally posts. There's almost no point in even checking her Instagram page, as you know it's going to be the same shot but with different hair styles and outfits. And, hey! Maybe Kim is going to start a tongue-selfie craze! She did, after all, start a butt selfie one.

One thing's for sure. Kim and Kanye definitely are in love ... with themselves. And, of course, with one another. Kanye doesn't seem like the most playful dude out there, so for him to let someone lick his face -- and post it online -- you know he's gotta be in love. Congrats, guys. Really.

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Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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