Canada to Chris Brown: Perform Somewhere Else!

The entire country of Canada has just done something to Chris Brown that a lot of Americans wish they had the opportunity to do: they gave him the big boot and denied him the ability to play a pair of scheduled tour dates. The only unfortunate thing about this bit of news is that it means the Grammy-winning singer is still our problem. Thanks a lot, Canada!


I wish, WISH I could say that Brown was denied entry into Canada because his temper is so off the rails that their government feared his very presence could shake the normally calm, cool, and collected Canadian populace. Or, how great would it be if they just decided not to allow a guy famous for abusing his ex-girlfriend (Rihanna, in case you have better things to do than keep up with this man's life) from profiting in their wonderful country?

Pretty amazing. But the reason behind Canada's decision is a more common one, according to sources.

Live Nation, the promoter of Brown's two gigs—one that he was set to play in Montreal and the other in Toronto—confirmed in a statement that Brown wasn't allowed in Canada because of "immigration issues" and that fans would get their money back shortly.

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Brown, who spent three months in jail last year after he got into a fight and violated parole (for attacking Rihanna), hasn't gotten off scot-free when it comes to his criminal behavior affecting his career. The U.K. denied him a visa in 2010 because of his criminal record and he missed four shows. I'm sorry I'm not weeping for him, but that's kind of what you get for proving you're capable of physically harming others.

Canada's privacy act prevents anyone from disclosing the actual reason Brown's Visa was denied, but a spokesman admitted criminal activity could have something to do with it.

Has anyone else's faith in the world suddenly been restored?

Do you think Chris Brown was denied entry into Canada because of his past crimes? Is that a justifiable reason to not let him perform?


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