Giuliana Rancic's Apology Isn't Enough to Keep Kelly Osbourne on 'Fashion Police' (VIDEO)

Post-Oscars week has been a tough one for the Fashion Police crew. They watched as their fearless leader Joan Rivers was snubbed from the show's memorial video tribute. Then they began dealing with the aftermath of an insensitive and "racist" (according to many) comment that host Giuliana Rancic made about Zendaya Coleman's dreadlocks on the red carpet. 


And that's not all. Giuliana issued a public apology, but co-host Kelly Osbourne is livid and threatening to quit the show over the incident.

The drama began when Giuliana joked that the 18-year-old Disney star's hair on Oscar night made her look like she "smelled like patchouli oil." Zendaya took to Instagram to let the world (and Giuliana) know that she had worn her hair that way to prove to others that an African-American woman's natural hair is beautiful, and that the Fashion Police host had offended her.

At the time, there was some question over who made another offending comment that followed about how Zendaya may have smelled like "weed." The camera had cut away from the E! group right before the weed joke, and many believed Osbourne was the one who said it.

That accusation was enough to send Osbourne into a blind fury. She took to Twitter to make it clear she had nothing to do with the comment:


If someone protests this much and is actually willing to give up her career because she is so upset over what happened at the Oscar's, I find it very difficult not to believe her. It's incredibly shady of the person who did say it not to come forward and admit it. Are these professionals or middle school students trying to keep their misdeeds hidden from their teacher? 'Fess up!

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As for Giuliana, her public apology makes no mention of the words she actually used to describe Zendaya's hair, so it's of no help to Kelly, but she does seem to be sincerely sorry and says this has been a "learning experience" for her.

Eh, I guess it's better than nothing:

What do you think about Giuliana's apology and Kelly's threat?


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