15 of the Hottest Guys Named Chris in Hollywood

Chris Pine

Is it just us or are we living in a strange moment in time when every other hot dude in Hollywood is named Chris? There was that cute moment at the 2015 Golden Globes where Tina Fey breathed "Chris Pine!" into the microphone, but honestly, she may as well have just stopped at "Chris!" Come on, go on and admit that we're right.


Not even counting in the Christophers, Christians, and Krises, there are so many hot male celebrities with the name Chris it is almost baffling. While the name certainly isn't new to Hollywood, the explosion of sexy Chrises really seemed to happen when Marvel began recruiting superheroes for their various Avengers franchises. 

Suddenly Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Pratt were all vying for our attention in Spandex suits, with Chris Pine making his debut as Captain Tiberius Kirk shortly after. And if we dig into it a little further, the bounty of heartthrobs named Chris certainly doesn't end there.

To prove our point, we decided to search every corner of the entertainment biz to celebrate all kinds of talented, sexy Chrises. From comedians to cute crooners, there is a hot Hollywood Chris that will fit anyone's personal preference. 

Now the only question left: Which Chris is the hottest? Take a look through these 17 beautiful options to decide -- there really isn't one we wouldn't consider smooching