Christina Aguilera Does the Best Britney Spears Impression We've Ever Seen (VIDEO)

If you grew up in the '90s, chances are you were either Team Christina or Team Britney. The Voice's Christina Aquilera was always the one with an insane set of pipes, but she was a bit too fierce for Britney Spears fans, who loved the Baby One More Time singer's perfect pop princess image. Aquilera proved she can actually be more Britney than even Britney herself, when she pulled off a flawless Spears impression on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.


Fallon asked Aguilera to join him in playing a game of Wheel of Musical Impressions, which is always a crowd favorite. Fallon hits a button, the wheel spins, and then lands on one random artist and one incredibly random song that usually has nothing at all to do with the artist.

Did I say "random?" There was absolutely nothing random about this game because Fallon knows darn well there's no one we'd rather see Aquilera impersonate more than her '90s rival.

Anyway, the first artist that popped up for the singer was Cher and the song she was expected to cover was the Folgers Coffee commercial jingle. Aquilera takes a second to get into character—and then becomes Cher. We knew she had an incredible range, but Aquilera's voice is even more impressive: it's a chameleon. 

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It's Fallon's turn next. He lands on David Bowie and Grand Old Flag and, kudos to him, because he also kills it.

And then, the moment we've all been waiting for: Aquilera lands on Britney Spears and the children's classic This Little Piggy.

"You know Britney Spears, right?" Fallon jokes.

"Little bit, little bit," Aquilera laughs.

As predicted, Aquilera transforms into Spears in less than a few seconds. Her mini performance is absolutely hysterical and one that would make Britney proud. 

Growing up, I always found Spears the more fascinating entertainer. Her songs and voice were easy to digest and she had a fun, All-American image that seemed easier for a young girl to attain than Xtina's take-no-prisoners man eater. But there's no denying Aquilera was born with the voice of a legend. If not for their ages and similar hair colors, I doubt anyone would have even compared them.

Check out Christina's impressions and let us know what you think:

Were you on Team Christina or Team Britney?


Image via xtina/Instagram

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