​Kate Middleton Shocks Queen Elizabeth With Unexpected Baby Plans

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Nobody tells Kate Middleton what to do -- not even the Queen. Well,  you know, when it comes to her body; I think other aspects of her life are fair game. Anyhoo! It's being reported that Kate has informed the Queen that she's done having babies. Yep, after royal bebe numero dos, she's done. Finished. Going back to her debaucherous lifestyle of drinking and smoking. Just kidding. No, but Kate really doesn't want to have any more kids.


According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry -- AKA, Grain O' Salt City -- the palace has been putting pressure on the Duchess to, well, reproduce and work her little pregnant but off, despite being a cat's jump away from giving birth, in order to take the focus off of the Prince Andrew scandal. And she's had it! Supposedly, Kate is usually pretty go-with-the-flow, but she's over being told what to do and she wants to sit at home until her baby arrives and rewatch Breaking Bad. And as far as a hypothetical royal baby number three goes? Kate's not having it, despite the fact that the rest of the royal fam would love it.

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It's also being reported that Kate is "demanding" a certain amount of time off after she gives birth. She apparently wants to stay out of the spotlight for a bit; hence, her move out of Kensington Palace and into Anmer Hall in the country.

Now, who knows how much of this is true, being that, you know, Celebrity Dirty Laundry and all, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Duchess felt some kind of pressure from the palace -- whether anyone has directly said anything to her or not -- to keep working right now, regardless of how she feels. She is a public figure after all, and it isn't like she can just go into hiding before and after having a baby. She's got responsibilities. She may have many more perks than most of us, but odds are, her "maternity leave" is much shorter than the norm.

Hopefully, Kate will get at least some time to rest before giving birth to her second baby, because two kids is no joke. She's going to need all the energy she can get to handle a newborn and a toddler. Or, she best have a list of super-qualified nannies on speed dial ... of course, people the royal family approves of. Hang in there, Kate!

Do you think Kate will have another baby?


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