Bobbi Kristina Brown's Boyfriend Accuses Bobby Brown of Terrible Things

Bobbi Kristina BrownEver since Bobbi Kristina Brown was found facedown unconscious in a bathtub, rumors have swirled about what could have happened. Was it drugs? Was it a crime? Those rumors have often pointed directly at Bobbi's boyfriend, Nick Gordon, who found her that day. Since then, Nick hasn't been allowed to see "Krissi" in the hospital. Finally, Nick is lashing out and giving his side of things. And it's quite a dark side.


Nick went on a Twitter rant, accusing Bobbi's family, and especially her father, Bobby Brown, of only being after her money. He tweeted:

Nick makes some good points -- primarily that Bobby Brown hasn't been a great dad to Bobbi, so why he is suddenly in charge of her life?

But look at it from the Browns side too: The family doesn't know what happened. The police are investigating. They are probably suspicious of Nick, especially considering he reportedly has a history of violence with Bobbi. Why would they want him near her?

Also, if Bobby was after his daughter's money, wouldn't he have wanted to take her off life support? Instead, he is doing everything in his power to save her. Plus, according to reports, Bobbi's money would go to her grandmother, Cissy, anyway.

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It's a tragic situation all the way around. Only Bobbi Kristina knows what happened, and hopefully someday she will wake up and be able to tell everyone her truth.

What do you think about what Nick says about Bobby Brown?

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