Kylie Jenner's Tiny Waist Has Us Seriously Worried About Her

kylie jenner

Oh, Kylie Jenner. What is going on with you, dear? You've always been a lovely girl  -- albeit wildly spoiled and rather disrespectful to your mom; why are you altering your appearance so much? I'm a little worried. Kylie posted a new photo to Instagram, and forget her lips -- her waist! What happened to it?


Staying comfortable in my @meundies Time to jump in bed after this long week. â�¤ï¸ï¿½

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Not shockingly, Kylie has made headlines due to her incredibly skinny waist and butt that, like her lips, seems to have inexplicably grown. Also, I'm all for showing off your body if you want to, but come on, girl. Don't try to make it seem like you simply wanted to share a pic of how comfy your undies are. You don't need an excuse to flaunt it if you want to. It's your bod.

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I've gotta be honest here, guys: I'm slightly worried about Kylie. Every time I see a new photo of her I can't help but think she looks lost and like she's trying to make a mark for herself in all the wrong ways. I could be completely wrong, and she could be perfectly well-adjusted and happy and secure, but I don't know, something about her "evolving" appearance makes me think otherwise.

Forget Rob, hope you're keeping an eye on this little lady, Kris Jenner. And, please tell me you didn't let her get any kind of implants on her face or body -- if, you know, Kylie's new look is anything more than "makeup and good angling."

What do you think of Kylie's changing look?


Images via Kylie Jenner/Instagram

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