Sean Penn Makes 'Offensive' Green Card Joke At Oscar Awards

Friends often feel comfortable joking with one another in a way that might seem totally offensive to anyone who doesn't know them. Such was the case on Oscar night, when Sean Penn announced Birdman had won Best Picture and then followed it up by introducing Mexican Director/Writer/Producer/Buddy Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu with the quip: "Who gave this son of a bitch a green card?"


I should mention that Penn has a relationship with Inarritu, who directed him in 21 Grams. It's not like he decided to randomly pick on the man because he was born in Mexico. It should also be mentioned that Inarritu was asked about Penn's comment backstage and remarked, "I found it hilarious."

You could argue the director's response is irrelevant and that Penn, a known supporter of the Democratic party, should have known better. But you could also argue that the actor's joke opened up a dialogue about immigration reform—one Inarritu didn't shy away from later on when he was interviewed by reporters and said:

Finally, I just want to, I want to take one second, I just want to take the opportunity, I want to dedicate this award for my fellow Mexicans, the ones who live in Mexico. I pray that we can find and build government that we deserve. And the ones that live in this country who are part of the latest generation of immigrants in this country, I just pray that they can be treated with the same dignity and respect of the ones who came before and build this incredible immigrant nation.

Obviously, he didn't need Penn's humor to share his message of hope. But he certainly didn't seem to think Penn hurt his message, either.

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Several angry and offended people, as well as those who questioned whether there was really any reason to be angry and offended, took to Twitter and created the (pretty genius) hash tag Penndejo, where they shared their thoughts on Penn's "green card" joke.

Penn has a few supporters:


And more than a few folks who criticized his move:


I think Penn is guilty of being too loose at the Oscar's, but I feel that's his only crime. His joke was one that might be fine if exchanged between friends who have a close relationship, but he should have been more sensitive about the fact that many people watching the Oscar's were not going to get the joke. It wasn't one worth making.

What do you think about Penn's green card joke?


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