Amy Duggar Won’t Let Jim Bob Control Her

jessa duggar amy duggarJim Bob and Michelle Duggar have raised their 19 kids to follow the family's strict rules, but there's one family member who's not letting the Duggar patriarch determine her lifestyle. Amy Duggar (Jim Bob's niece) is speaking out about her uncle's controlling choices.


It all started with one seemingly-innocent photo. Though, by Duggar standards, a luxury only permitted after marriage. The 28-year-old posted a New Year's Eve pic of herself and her boyfriend. And they were kissing (gasp!):

And now, Amy is revealing to RadarOnline that her uncle was none-too-pleased with the photo. "He said, 'I saw ya’ll kissing!' and gave me a look," Amy says. 

But not one to get scolded, she quickly rebutted. "I said, 'Yeah but there's plenty more that I can save up for the wedding night! Kissing is an adorable thing to do with someone you care about."

And DONE. That's how you shut down Jim Bob.

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Amy has always been the wild child of the family. She dates (and doesn't court), takes trips to the beach, and is a Harry Potter fan. None of the other Duggar kids can say the same.

"I kinda get under his skin, but he’s not going to control me, and I don’t think he wants to control me," she adds in the interview. "He has no reigns over me. He doesn’t know what I’m going to do next."

Better yet, she's totally unapologetic. "I’m not going to change who I am to have a certain image," Amy says. "I’m the free spirit of the family. I’m not being rebellious; I love my family. I just have to be true to myself."

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Hear that, Jim Bob? No changing this one. With 19 kids in the family, you'd think at least one of them would "Break Amish," (and we have our best set on Jinger). Lucky for Dad, none of the children have yet to leave the family, but there's at least one family member willing to show him what "real" kids do. So he better get used to it.

What do you think of Amy's comments on Jim Bob?



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