Scott Disick's Weird Confession Exposes a Crazy Secret He's Been Hiding

Kourtney Kardashian Scott Disick

Uhhhhh ... apparently there was something funny in the water during his recent trip to Las Vegas, because in a new interview with People, Scott Disick voiced his feelings about money and revealed it's actually not the most important thing in his life. (I know. We're feeling a little confused and speechless too.)


Believe it or not, his exact words were:

I like making money, but I like being at home too. I've realized that money is not everything I used to think it was. Being at home is more important.

Excuse me? Wait -- it gets even more bizarre.

He went on to add:

People always have something to say about me. Listen, if it causes somebody some kind of happiness in their lives, so be it. I watch TV and movies for entertainment. Some people wanna read things, so more power to them.

As for how he truly feels about Kourtney Kardashian? Scott said:

We've been fortunate enough to have three amazing kids. They don't really make our lives any harder, they make it easier, because you kind of realize what life's about. We're pretty fortunate for that and I thank God for that.

Can someone please explain to me what in the hell is going on here? This definitely doesn't sound like the Scott we all know and (sort of) love, which can only mean one thing.

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Duh. The Scott Disick we have the pleasure of seeing on TV is nothing more than a character he plays in order to drum up ratings and get a rise out of us. I mean, why would Kourt have possibly stayed with him for this long if he truly were a total shithead? Based on the comments he made in the People interview, it sounds like Scott, dare I say it, has a soul, so we really have to wonder how much of his colorful personality is nothing more than a bang-up acting job.

For Kourtney's sake, let's hope that's truly the case. She certainly deserves a partner who loves her and puts her and their kids first, which oddly enough, she might actually have found in the form of a dude who acts like he's a total d-bag just for shits and giggles.

Hey, if nothing else, at least he's way more entertaining than run-of-the-mill baby daddies who lead the general public to believe they care about their baby mamas. (That's gotta count for something.)

Do you think Scott is really a jerk?


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