'Fifty Shades' Bet Ends With Former Disney Star Standing Outside in Lingerie (VIDEO)

A former Disney star lost big after she bet against Fifty Shades of Grey scoring big at the Box Office for the second weekend in a row. Even though Christy Carlson Romano, who appeared on the shows Even Stevens and Kim Possible, made the bet with her husband, he didn't let her off easy. As part of her cruel and unusual punishment, Romano agreed to stand outside in the freezing cold wearing just her lingerie.


Fifty Shades remains the number one film in the country and raked in a cool $23.2 million this weekend after earning $85 million over its opening weekend. But Romano admits she wasn't a fan of the movie, mainly because of the lack of consent issue, and explained that other women and men would catch on and the film's luck would run out sooner rather than later.

So, the couple made the following bet: if Fifty Shades tanked at the Box Office, her husband would have to stand outside on their New York City balcony for a minute wearing just his boxers (and remember, it's damn cold here!) and if the film won again, Romano would have to do the same—in just her lingerie.

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The actress proved a good sport AND used her punishment as an opportunity to speak out against Ana's lack of consent in the movie. In the video, which shows her preparing to stand outside in the cold as her husband counts down the seconds, she explained, "In protest of this misogynistic and misguided film to exercise my right of consent and stand outside." And here she goes:

Do you agree or disagree with Romano's feelings about Fifty Shades of Grey?


Image via fiftyshadesmovie.com

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