Duggar Family Member Won't Let Those Tim Tebow Hookup Rumors Drop

Remember a couple of months ago when the Internet went ablaze with rumors that Jim Bob Duggar was attempting to orchestrate a match between his eldest daughter Jana Duggar and Tim Tebow? Even though the two have never met, it seems that at least one member of the Duggar family is hoping they will eventually get together.


There's been a lot of speculation over which Duggar will marry next, and while my money is on cousin Amy Duggar and her boyfriend Dillon King, some people ar still hoping it will be Jana and Tim.

Ben Seewald, husband to third Duggar daughter Jessa, revealed in an interview to PEOPLE magazine, "He'd be a great addition to the family." He was joking, of course (hopefully?), but there'd be a definite advantage to having the former NFL quarterback join the crew, and it has nothing to do with the publicity.

The Duggars enjoy occasional family football games, so of course Tebow would be first picked in the line-up. "I'd definitely have him on my team," Ben laughed. "We'd win every time."

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It's obvious that Ben was trying to make light of the situation, but you have to wonder who is more embarrassed by all the relationship speculation -- Tim or Jana. Both have been very public about their vows of celibacy until marriage, but just because they're celebrity virgins doesn't mean they'll hit it off, or even get along.

Rumors began a few months ago when Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar got together with Tim's mom, Pam Tebow, but his rep was quick to put out a statement that he and Jana had never even talked to each other, let alone met in person.

It doesn't look like either of these stars are dating anyone else at the moment, but given the hype their non-relationship has already garnered, we're willing to bet these two don't even want to go there. Let's face it -- that would be one huge microscope, and despite their fame, Tim and Jana seem like people who like to keep their personal lives on the DL.

Do you think Tim Tebow and Jana Duggar would make a good couple?


Image via Duggarfam/Instagram

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