John Travolta's Oscar Antics Just Keep Getting Creepier (VIDEO)

Oh, John Travolta, for the love of Danny Zuko, what is going on?! The actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Sunday night, where he finally explained why he butchered Idina Menzel's name at last year's Oscar's—and his reason is beyond awkward (and is probably causing Kate Hudson to gasp in horror this morning). And that was AFTER he did something totally inappropriate to Scarlett Johansson on this year's red carpet.


John explained that he was only given a 15-minute warning to prepare to take the stage last year and introduce Idina, who performed Frozen's "Let It Go," which won Best Original Song. Then, he says a page came to him unexpectedly and gave him less than two minutes to get out on stage. Because of the short notice, he says he hadn't had time to go over the pronounciation of her name, which is why he said "Adele Dazem."

I wish that was the only reason, because that's a totally understandable reason.

But, no. John continued. He says he ran into Hudson's mom, Goldie Hawn, backstage, and that he was so overcome by her "charismatic," "sexy" and "beautiful" self and that he got so "starstruck hugging and loving her up" that he forgot to practice saying "Idina Menzel" three times so he wouldn't botch up her name.

I'd like to say Idina got back at him this year when she presented the Oscar for Best Original Song by calling him "Glom Gazingo," but then he went all awkward again and just started grabbing her chin and holding onto it for dear life.

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Hold onto your favorite Grease memories because that isn't all. It's difficult to decide whether to focus on the John/Idina weirdness, the John/Goldie weirdness, or THIS: Weirdness #3: John covers Scarlett Johansson's belly with his big hand and tries to kiss her. She is obviously not happy about it and gives him a very telling side glance.

John, please stop touching women. All women. Please, never again say you were "loving up" a woman (even if she is our wife). I want to remember you the way you once were, shimmying beneath a car and singing, "Greased Lightning."

Here's John's interview with Kimmel:

And here's Idina getting revenge on John:

What do you think about his Idina explanation and the kiss he gave Scarlett?


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