Kate Middleton Shares Absolutely Shocking Beauty Secret

kate middleton

Being that she's the future Queen of England, Kate Middleton pretty much has access to anything her little royal heart desires -- especially when it comes to beauty products and treatments. Despite being super down to earth, the Duchess never fails to travel without her trusty hair styling squad and reportedly indulges in fancy bee venom facials. So, it's pretty shocking to learn the super cheap, drugstore-brand skin product that's a staple in Kate's medicine cabinet! Who would've thought a princess would use this?!


According to Express UK, the Duchess prefers to use Nivea lotion on her skin. Yeah, the stuff you can find at CVS next to the bin of dollar bath sponges. Crazy, right?

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Also, perhaps even more shocking, supposedly Victoria Beckham is a fan of Nivea lotion, too. Either this lotion has the greatest PR people on the planet or it truly is a miracle-worker. Definitely going to pick some up for m'self.

It's always amazing to hear about the cheapie brands the rich and famous use. I mean, here Kate is, living in a literal palace and she chooses to use something any of us have access to. Though, I guess it shouldn't be too surprising, being that she occasionally still does her own grocery shopping and shops at places like H&M.

She may be married to a prince and living out a fairy tale, but sometimes, Kate Middleton really is just like us. And it's awesome. Viva la drug store-brands!

Do you believe that Kate uses this lotion? Are you going to go buy some (be honest)?


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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