Patricia Arquette's Empowering Oscars Speech Wins Standing Ovation From Meryl Streep & Women Everywhere (VIDEO)​

patricia arquette oscars 2015The Oscars weren't only about movies this year. Plenty of stars took advantage of the major platform as a way to raise political awareness, and upon winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Boyhood, Patricia Arquette did just that. In what was the most memorable mic-drop moment of the night as far as I'm concerned, she addressed "every woman who ever gave birth to every tax payer and citizen of this nation."


Arquette boldly, brilliantly used her acceptance speech to rally for gender equality, a justice that is LONG overdue for American women. Check it out.


As if it couldn't get more amazing, as the crowd began to erupt in epic cheers for Patricia. And that moment when the cameras cut to Meryl Streep and JLo's reactions? Perfect.

As if the actress hadn't already done an unforgettable job in Boyhood, she clearly just became a hero for so many women watching tonight.

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After all, what good is the spotlight, the artform of filmmaking, or the opportunity to honor a film like Boyhood if you can't use it to bring attention to issues that matter and affect real people's lives every day? Underlining the glaringly unfortunate reality of gender inequality may not make some people comfortable, but too damn bad! It had to be said.

Let's face it, she may only be taking one Oscar statue home, Patricia Arquette just WON the whole freaking night!

Here's the whole speech if you want an extra dose of inspiration.

What did you think about her speech?


Image via Valerie Goodloe/Corbis

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