#AskHerMore Inspires Reese Witherspoon to Slam Shallow Questions at Oscar Awards

Reese Witherspoon is up for a Best Actress award at this year's Oscar's for the film Wild. She plays a complex character who embarks on an amazing solo hike to get over a recent tragedy. For a reporter interviewing her on the red carpet, there's a lot there to work with and Reese knows it, which is why she posted the best pre-Oscar message on Instagram, slamming the fact that she and her female peers will likely only be asked about their gowns and hair.


Witherspoon, 38, used the hash tag #AskHerMore and challenged journalists to dive deeper with female celebs and ask them questions that truly matter:


I'll admit: I've grown so accustomed to hearing talented, accomplished, and brilliantly entertaining women talk about their Tahitian pearl necklaces on the red carpet that it took this hash tag to remind me that the Oscar's are about far more than glam looks.

The designers who dressed them certainly deserve a shout-out because of their great work, but Reese is right on the money with this one: actresses are storytellers, not mannequins. They deserve to be asked at least two questions about how they managed to convey those stories for every one question asked about their diamond earrings.

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Hoping Reese and other celebs keep this up for every award's show. It's going to take a long time to shift the conversation, but you could already tell some of the questions this year's female attendees were asked were slightly better than usual.

So you think actresses should be asked more serious questions on the red carpet?


Image via reesewitherspoon/Instagram


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