6 Stars Who Had the Best Dates for Oscars 2015 … Tinder, Eat Your Heart Out (PHOTOS)

The Oscars seem to be a family affair this year! It was so awesome to see so many stars opt to bring their mom or dad, or even kids to the biggest award show of the season. Because really, dates come and go, but the bonds between parents and their kids are something really special.


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Emma Stone brought her adorable mom and chatted with Lara Spencer on the red carpet about their mutual adoration of Mark Ruffalo. They were adorable sneaking peeks at him and Clint Eastwood. Emma even mentioned that she'd faint if Eastwood were to come up and say hi to her.

Laura Dern brought her  kids and her famous dad, Bruce Dern, and said, "Amazingly I've never come without one of my parents, both as a nominee and as a child supporting them ... It's very beautiful to share the history of film and the Academy along with my family."

Dakota Johnson brought her famous mama, Melanie Griffith, who admitted on the red carpet that she has not seen Fifty Shades of Grey. She said she didn't need to see it to know that her daughter is a very talented actress. "I don't need to see that to know how good she is," she gushed. Awww!

Ansel Elgort (of The Fault in Our Stars fame) brought his mom to the Oscars. He Instagrammed this adorable photo and wrote, "MY MOM IS MY DATE! So excited for the OSCARS!" Ack! Not that many 20-year-olds are this proud to be seen in public with their moms.

MY MOM IS MY DATE! So excited for the OSCARS!

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Benedict Cumberbatch brought his new bride (and their unborn child -- can you believe she's pregnant in this picture?), and mentioned that his parents were there too, supporting him. 

In addition to boyfriend Eric White, Patricia Arquette brought her daughter, and siblings Rosanna and Richmond Arquette. What a gorgeous family!  


Are you surprised so many stars opted to bring their family as their dates?  

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