Kim Kardashian Confesses to Obsession With Johnny Depp

Considering their global fame, it's difficult to imagine any Kardashian/Jenner sister having a crush on another celebrity and not simply calling him up and saying, "You. Me. Date. Now." But Kim Kardashian used to be exactly like the rest of us (uh huh) because, once upon a time in a land far, far away from Kanye West, she reveals she was totally obsessed with and physically attracted to one famous man.


In an interview with Sunday Life's "What I Know About Men" section, Kim reportedly confessed that she was hot for Johnny Depp in the '90s, when he was a bad boy who dated Kate Moss and Winona Ryder. And it seems her attraction to him was merely physical because she says she never went for party boys and that she (like every other girl that decade) made an exception for the actor.

Wondering how Johnny feels about Kim? Well, only Johnny knows because he's always been too cool to wax on about women. He did have some interesting things to say to Interview magazine about reality TV stars, though (no need to name names), which makes us think she probably isn't his type: "People get famous now for I-don't-know-what. People have reality shows because they're a Hollywood socialite, and these things become very successful and they generate a s**tload of money for the company."

We all could have guessed Johnny is far too anti-establishment and French-but-not-really to put up with all that over-the-top American silliness.

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In case you're curious, older sister Kourtney's bedroom wall was papered with posters of Leonardo DiCaprio. Again, this is SO bizarre because the chances that Kourt and Leo met and partied together at some point over the years is sky high and, if only she were a blonde, they would have totally dated. Can you imagine meeting and getting to know your teenage crush years later? Super weird.

But, like Johnny, it seems the reality show gig may be a deal breaker for Leo, who once refused to check into an event attended by Bruce and Brody Jenner until the Keeping Up with the Kardashians camera crew had wrapped filming.

Are you surprised by Kim and Kourtney's teen crushes?


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