Patricia Arquette Wows Us With Her Oscar Dates

patricia arquetteWe're all hoping, wishing, wanting Boyhood to win big tonight at the Oscars, and that includes Patricia Arquette who is not only one of the best actresses around, but also the coolest. I've loved her since True Romance. She has further proved her cool by revealing who is going to be her date tonight for the Academy Awards.


Patricia is bringing an entourage -- sort of. Her dates are her boyfriend Eric White, her sister Rosanna Arquette, her brother Richmond Arquette, and her daughter Harlow who will be celebrating her 12th birthday tomorrow. What an exciting birthday eve for her! Missing will be Arquette's son Enzo who wasn't interested in coming because he's "shy" she said. Enzo is 26, which makes his shyness even more sweet. I bet these kids are very proud of their mom. I wonder if they realize how incredibly cool she is.

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Arquette won Best Supporting Lead last night at the Independent Spirit Awards and is a favorite to win the Oscar tonight, but she's still super modest. She's not preparing a speech and she noted how this was all new to her. She said she just knew that she was "going to be around people I love" right down to her dress. It's designed by her best friend since she was 8-years-old, Rosetta Getty, and it's rumored to be a one shoulder number that is casual and elegant. Sounds perfect for Patricia.  

I can't wait to see what her best date -- her daughter -- will be wearing tonight.

What do you think of Patricia's choice of dates for the Oscars?


Image via Paul A. Hebert/Press Line Photos

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