Julianne Moore Stuns at Spirit Awards Giving Us Glimpse Into What's to Come for Oscars (PHOTO)

julianne mooreThe gorgeous Julianne Moore sparkled in her stunning shift dress at the Independent Spirit Awards -- she was one of the best dressed of the night. But that wasn't her only accolade -- Moore won Best Female Lead for her powerful performance in Still Alice, making me believe she may get the Oscar tonight as well.


The 54-year-old actress is simply brilliant. If you want to talk about role models, you are looking at one right here. Poised. Elegant. Talented. She always looks gorgeous and I don't care what the critics say about any of her past outfits. She wears everything with confidence and style. This green bejeweled dress is Dior Couture -- it's the perfect fit (not too tight) and the perfect length showing off her beautiful natural skin (those are some great legs, J!).

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julianne moore

I'm thrilled for her win as Best Lead at the Spirit Awards, and it just makes me even more excited for the Oscars tonight. Sure, there are the rumblings that it's a "boring" Oscars since there are no huge stars, but whoever is saying that is missing the true star power that is there. I'm just going to use one name to call out the big time celebrity. Julianne. Patricia. Emma. Keaton. Bradley. Cumberbatch. Reese. Ruffalo. Hawke. Duvall. Norton. Streep. Knightley. To name just a few. Plus, it's not just about who wins, it's about what everyone is wearing. It's like the Superbowl of fashion.

I can't wait to see what Julianne will be wearing tonight. Maybe it will be green (love her in that color). Or blush? I bet it will be floor-length. And I'm also betting that she'll be accessorized by one of those golden Oscars.

Who do you think will win tonight? What do you think of Julianne's outfit?


Images via AdMedia/Splash; Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash

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