Kardashians Involved In Scary Accident With North West in Car

kardashiansPerhaps trying to escape the Amber Rose battle of the month, the Kardashians have been on a ski trip in Bozeman, Montana, hitting the slopes and sliding off the road in their car. What?! Yes, the Kardashians have been in a car accident. Khloe, Kim, North West, and Kylie were in a car that slid off the road into a ditch.


The report notes that Khloe was driving a black Yukon GMC with Kylie, Kim, and North West in the car. A semi-truck passed them and dumped snow on the windshield. Khloe was blinded and slid across the median onto oncoming traffic. She hit black ice and the car spun off the road into a ditch.

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Police reported that there were many accidents im Bozeman because of the icy road conditions. Everyone is okay. Kim tweeted, "Thank you God for watching over us and keeping us safe." Khloe wrote on Instagram, "God is good."

My goodness that is scary stuff. I'd much rather hear about the Amber Rose/Kanye West mudslinging than an accident that put their lives at risk. I'd be so nervous to get back in a car again. But they are Kardashians. They persevere. Back to celebrating their bestie Jonathan Cheban's birthday and hitting the slopes. Scott and Kourt are there, too, though weren't in the car when the accident happened. Kanye is in London for Fashion Week. I guess Kim thought it best North West took a rest from attending. Fashion Week is exhausting for a toddler.

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The girls' dad Bruce Jenner was involved in a deadly car accident just a couple of week ago, which is enough to make everyone in the Kardashian family to be extra cautious when driving.

Have you ever experienced your car sliding off the road like this?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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