'Fifty Shades' May Be to Blame for Dakota Johnson's Split With Boyfriend

Back in December, Dakota Johnson and Welsh rock star/model Matthew Hitt were a seriously hot item. Fast forward just two months -- oh, and one ridiculously successful movie you may have heard of --later and the 25-year-old actress is reportedly single again. Coincidence? Not according to several sources, who say the pair broke up because of the Fifty Shades of Grey hysteria.


Sources say Johnson and Hitt called it quits sometime over the Christmas holiday because her life had become crazy right before the movie was set to be released. Hitt, a singer and guitarist in the band Drowners, who also pops up on catwalks because he just so happens to be drop-dead gorgeous, isn't reportedly interested in being tied to all of that publicity.

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I can't say I blame him one bit. We feel bad enough for Jamie Dornan's wife Amelia Warner, who probably has to endure thousands of questions about how she feels thinking about her husband getting it on with Johnson, even though we all know they're playing make believe in exchange for a hefty paycheck.

Two big differences: Warner and Dornan are married and in it for the long haul, so she may not like his turn as Christian Grey, but she isn't going to leave him because of it. Also, Warner is a working actress who knows sex scenes are anything but sexy.

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But Johnson and Hitt weren't tied down and he likely didn't hook up with Dakota thinking, for even a second, that she would become the biggest star in the universe in a few short months. Before Fifty Shades, Dakota was probably best known for being the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson and maybe a few people recognized her as the 21 Jump Street actress.

And now—boom!—overnight success. Does it surprise anyone to hear she's reportedly casually dating "a few people?"

Are you surprised Johnson and Hitt couldn't make their relationship work with all of the Fifty Shades attention she's getting?


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