Kate Middleton Has Surprising Change of Plans for Baby #2

Kate Middleton

Huh. That's odd. The last we heard, Kate Middleton was planning on hiring a second nanny as soon as baby number two makes his or her entrance, you know, because she's royalty, for crying out loud, so why in the hell shouldn't she have two nannies?


Seriously, wouldn't you want as much help as possible if you were her? Between being expected to look perfectly put together and flawless 100 percent of the time, tending to Prince George, and making sure to keep up with her royal duties and appearances, it's not like the poor woman is going to have a lot of extra time on her hands after she gives birth this spring.

But it looks like she still wants to live as "normal" a life as possible, which is apparently why Kate and Prince William are not getting a new nanny for their new little prince or princess.

A source told HELLO! magazine:

As new parents, the Duke and Duchess wish to enjoy being with their new baby and all this entails. There are no plans to advertise for a nanny or maternity nurse.

Instead, Kate's mom Carole will be moving in with them after the baby arrives to help out, which shouldn't come as a surprise since she also offered her assistance after Prince George's birth.

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But while we have to commend Kate for choosing to care for her baby on her own when she clearly has the means to afford as much help as she desires, we do have to wonder whether she'll have a change of heart after she's done taking a little time off for maternity leave.

Once she officially goes back to work, things will likely become a bit more hectic with an infant and a toddler, so at the very least, she'll probably need to bump up her current nanny's salary a bit to care for two kids as opposed to one. And while she may not wind up needing an additional nanny for everyday purposes, it won't be a huge shock if she does hire extra help for when she and Prince William travel with the kids in tow. Hey, it's tough enough for two parents to lug around all the necessary baby gear as it is, so another set of hands certainly can't hurt.

Are you impressed that Kate has decided to forgo hiring another nanny?


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