Khloe Kardashian's Reconciliation With Lamar Might Be Happening As We Speak

Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom

Wow. In terms of the saga that is Khloe Kardshian's love life these days, it's really a.) getting hard to keep up with who she is/is not dating, and b.) starting to sound more like a soap opera than actual reality. And amid reports that Khloe's divorce from Lamar Odom might be called off, we're really not quite sure what is going through her head.


According to RadarOnline, it looks like she's definitely considering giving the marriage another shot. A source explains, "Khloe is emotionally torn right now. Lamar loved her before she was famous and he loved her for her."

Ok. Got it. Sooooo ... she feels like she owes him something because he married her before she was officially the Koko?

The source goes on to say:

Her sisters and entire family care for Lamar a great deal because he was there since the beginning. But everyone is also very concerned because they do not want to see Khloe go through what she went through already with him prior to her decision to file for divorce. He tore her down and it has taken her so much to get back up.

Um, I'm sorry, while I totally get why Khloe is having reservations about ultimately ending the marriage for good, that last sentence pretty much sums things up. "He tore her down and it has taken her so much to get back up."

Why on earth would she even consider going down that road again? I'm sure there's a part of her that will always love Lamar very deeply, but she filed for divorce for a reason.

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This is a man who really, really hurt her right down to her core, and it has taken so much strength and time for her to get back to a place where she's confident and content again. Sure, divorce is a pain in the ass, but Khloe is only setting herself up for more heartache if she chooses to let Lamar back into her life at this point.

We all want nothing more than to see her happy, but let's hope she takes a long, hard look at what she really wants before trying to rewrite an old chapter that is clearly O-V-E-R.

Do you think Lamar deserves another chance?


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