Kanye West Confirms Kylie Jenner Is Dating Tyga With Inappropriate Comment

Kanye West just put his foot in his mouth once again, and this time it's about Kylie Jenner and her rumored older beau Tyga. For months there has been speculation that the youngest Jenner is dating the 25-year-old hip-hop artist, but neither camp was confirming the relationship ... until now.


When Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club asked Kanye if Kylie and Tyga are dating, her always unfiltered brother-in-law said:

(Tyga) got in early. I think he was smart.

Yeah, so that's a little creepy because Kylie is only 17-years-old, making it illegal for her to be dating someone of Tyga's age.

Kanye went on to say:

They are closer in age than a lot of relationships I know.

Sure, dude, but it's still illegal. I'm so face palming right now.

The Breakfast Club has been getting all sorts of opinions on this alleged courtship of late. Kanye's ex Amber Rose, another one with the no filter gene, recently told the morning show:

That's ridiculous. He (Tyga) should be ashamed of himself. That's how I feel. For sure.

For his part, earlier in the month Tyga dismissed the claims to The Breakfast Club saying:

I'm not dating Kylie. I just want to get that out [of] the way.

He did, however, add that the teen is a "beautiful young woman" with has a "maturity and mentality that's different than a lot of other people."

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So basically, nothing is cleared up. But is it weird to say I'm inclined to believe Kanye? The man may say literally whatever comes to mind, but he's never struck me as a liar. While I think Kim Kardashian needs to reel him in (seriously, lady, you need to stop the insanity), his lack of a verbal filter doesn't mean we shouldn't believe what he's saying.

Plus, what does he have to gain by insinuating Kylie and Tyga are an item if they aren't? Nothing. The man has a hot music and fashion career and a hot wife, so while I can't believe I'm saying this -- I trust Kanye.

Who do you think is telling the truth?

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