Prince Harry & Emma Watson Rumored to Be 'Secretly' Dating

Prince Harry

Squee! For the love of all that is good and royal, please, PLEASE let this be true! According to Woman's Day Australia, Prince Harry and Emma Watson are dating, though they've apparently been trying to keep their little rendezvous' a secret. Yes, that Emma Watson, as in Hermione freakin' Granger. (Don't tell Ron.)


Emma Watson

And get this one -- supposedly Harry is the one who pursued her. A source says that once he found out she had broken up with her boyfriend, Matthew Janney, Harry went through mutual friends to try and arrange a hook up.

Making this whole scenario even more interesting is that he reportedly reached out to her over email to ask her out. It was a short message that basically just said that he would like to "get to know her, and apparently they really "hit it off" during the outing, which happened to include 12 other people. (That Harry. He has MAD game.)

The insider adds, "Harry didn't want her to feel like she was put on the spot. He's smitten, and it's more than just Emma's looks."

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Ok, we probably shouldn't get ahead of ourselves or anything, but who else thinks Emma would make the perfect addition to the royal family? OMG. She and Kate Midds would totally wind up being besties. Can't you just picture the two of them having tea, or going out shopping for the afternoon, or ... whatever royal wives do when they engage in a little bit of girl time?

Emma is just so much classier and more refined than women Harry has dated in the past, so it's hard to imagine Kate not bonding with her straight away.

And as far as Harry goes? Emma is exactly the kind of level-headed gal he needs to keep him in line and out of the party scene. Hey, if he's ever going to really grow up and impress the fam like Prince William has, it certainly can't hurt to have a respectable, strong woman by his side.

Again, we probably shouldn't get our hopes up just yet about another royal wedding taking place, but it's definitely fun to think about! (Am I right?)

Do you think Emma is a good fit for Harry?


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