Cinderella Meets '50 Shades' In Hilarious Mashup (VIDEO)

No one—not even our sacred Disney princesses—is safe from the Fifty Shades of Grey hysteria that is sweeping through our country. While some of us are looking forward to cleansing our souls next month when Disney releases its live action retelling of Cinderella, Ellen DeGeneres couldn't resist perverting the fairytale by giving it a super funny Fifty Shades makeover. And she isn't the only one dragging our innocent princesses into the red room.


Ellen's audience reacts with wild approval when she asks who has seen Fifty Shades of Grey—which is the number one film in America. "And now other studios are trying to cash in," she jokes. "Whenever something's popular, everyone tries to make a version of it."

Ellen then introduces the clip she's about to show: "This is Disney. It's a classic Disney movie and this is what they're doing."

And then we get this: a lusty Cinderella, a sexier prince then we can remember from the storybook version, and Cinderella's face photoshopped on top of Ana's naked body after Christian ties her up. So, so wrong (but hilarious):

We just love messing with our Disney princesses, don't we? We can't help it—they're easy targets. They're also so anti-sexual, so physically perfect and appealing to handsome princes everywhere, yet capable of restraining and guarding their own passionate desires, that we find it fascinating to imagine what they'd be like if they were actually human.

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Ellen isn't the only one who has merged these two very, very, VERY different worlds.

Quite a few artist fans have submitted images of your favorite Disney princesses and princes doing things that would make Christian and Anastasia blush. Aladdin blindfolding and tying up Jasmine? The Beast holding a plaited leather riding crop? And Anna and Kristoff—oh my—you're going to have to check that one out for yourself because I can't even bring myself to type what they're doing.

Oh, yes, and these are definitely NSFW!

What do you think about the merging of Fifty Shades and Disney characters?


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