Kim Kardashian & Khloe Kardashian Aren't Speaking & You Won't Believe Why

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Ugh. Apparently every party has a pooper. Even though the word on the street is that she's currently torn between Lamar Odom and French Montana, Khloe Kardashian must be getting fairly close to French, considering her seeing him again has the fam all bent out of shape. According to RadarOnline, Kim Kardashian is mad at Khloe for reconciling with French, to the point where she is "giving her the silent treatment."



A source claims:

Kim does not like French and is really disappointed that Khloe is hanging out with him again. She thinks he is bad news and doesn't want her to get involved with him again.

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Hmm. I guess that's understandable. I mean, the fact that Kim is concerned about French taking advantage of Khloe just proves how much she loves and cares about her, so we really can't fault her for sticking up for her beloved sis.

But no matter how opposed she is to French and Khloe getting back together, Kim needs to respect the fact that Khloe is a grown woman who is more than capable of making her own decisions in the romance department, so it really seems a little extreme for her to brush her off simply because she doesn't agree with her choices.

But it sounds like Kim has absolutely no qualms about Khloe going back to Lamar. The source said:

Kim doesn't want to see French trying to get famous by hanging out with Khloe and so she is happy he might have some competition in the boyfriend department.

Uhhhhh ... competition in the "boyfriend" department? Yeah. I'd say that since Lamar is technically still Khloe's husband, he's probably a step above "boyfriend" level.

But regardless of who Khloe winds up rekindling a romance with (if she even gets serious with either of them again,) Kim should know better than to let some dude come between her and her sister. Certainly the bond they share is worth putting up with an annoying ex, right?

Do you think Khloe is making a bad move by letting French back into her life?


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