Kim Kardashian Slammed for Suggesting Motherhood Is Difficult (PHOTO)

Another day, another reason to criticize Kim Kardashian—even when she posts something on her Instagram that sweetly pays homage to hard-working moms everywhere and confesses she feels it's the most difficult job in the world. Some of Kim's followers weren't about to let her get away with complaining about motherhood when she is fortunate enough to have so much help raising North West. Here's why they're wrong.


Kim used her Instagram to repost this message about motherhood, which you may have already spotted floating around the Internet, from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram and then back again:


While 99.9 percent of women—working women, stay-at-home moms, moms who have nannies and a bit more income—can post this message and get a bazillion emphatic comments in return about how difficult it is to be a mom, Kim has no such luck. You would think the woman had just suggested all moms who make less than $1 million a year have no business being parents judging by some of the nasty replies she received:

"Lololololol Kimye has a full time nanny. Smdh."

"Folks are hardly believing that she knows the true meaning of this."

"Lets be have maids, hair and makeup team, endless $$$ ect....#unfallow"

And there are a lot more (and much nastier) comments where those came from.

First off, I'll never understand why people who hate Kim waste their time trolling on her page and leaving horrific comments about her. Go catch up on Better Call Saul—do anything else. But that's a topic for another time.

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Kim has wealth and she has help. A lot of help. She's able to call a reliable sitter or her nanny at a moment's notice and fly off with Kanye to appear at events and beach parties. No one will deny she's incredibly fortunate. If she chooses to, I bet she never even has to make one piece of French toast for her toddler at 6 in the morning or listen to her cry when she attempts to dress her in frills instead of jeans.

Am I envious of her help? Yes. Would I be totally happy never having to drag a brush through my daughter's tangled hair? Hell yes.

But the most difficult part about motherhood isn't always the day-to-day tasks—it's an internal struggle we have with ourselves and the CONSTANT anxiety and helplessness we feel as moms watching our children grow up, get hurt, and grow apart from us.

No one has the right to say Kim isn't feeling all of the same doubts and fears we all face as moms. You bet your life it's easier to unwind when a nanny is able to change some of those diapers and fold laundry. But if a fairy godmother suddenly granted each of us the best nanny in the world, I'm going to go out on a limb and say we'd find making French toast the easiest part of being a mom.

Constantly sacrificing for someone else and thinking of them before ourselves—no nanny can do that for us.

Do you think Kim has the right to say being a mom is the most difficult job in the world?


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