Rihanna's '50 Shades'-Inspired Pics Are Even Better Than Leo Dating Rumors

RihannaWhew. That was a close call. Just when we all started to believe the rumors that Rihanna was hooking up with modelizer Leonardo DiCaprio, we've discovered the truth: she's just being Ri-Ri and doing what she always does: getting nearly naked for a magazine. Oh, and there's a perfectly logical explanation why she and Leo have been seen EVERYWHERE together these last few weeks. Honest.


First, let's talk nudity. Rihanna is 26. She looks incredible in clothes and she looks equally as incredible out of them. She's also totally comfortable with herself and able to pull off looks that Beyonce—God love her—can't pull off for one simple reason: the lady takes risks.

So, when AnOther magazine asked the singer to model 50 Shades bondage-style looks and heels that look like hooves, she had no issue doing so. And she looks fierce—perfect breast out and all—because she's Rihanna, dammit.


So, that's one thing Rihanna has been up to. And one thing she hasn't been doing? Dating Leo. Apparently, it isn't the actor she has eyes for—Rihanna is reportedly dating his buddy, Richie Akiva.

Akiva is a well-known nightclub promoter and host and just one of the lads in Leo's group. The reason why Rihanna has been spotted sneaking in and out of clubs with Leo hot on her trail is because celebs sneak into clubs so they can be left alone AND because they both have the pleasure of splitting bottles of booze at the same table while Rihanna probably has the misfortune of watching Leo hook up with every girl who has ever carried a portfolio.

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Oh, I kid. Leo's single and certainly free to do what he wants. I have to admit, this news is disappointing, as I pictured him meeting his match and being owned by Ri-Ri.

Did you think Rihanna and Leo were dating? What do you think of her latest photo shoot?


Image via anothermag.com

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