Now Kendall Jenner Is Reportedly Pregnant With Scott Disick's Baby

Kendall Jenner Scott Disick

Uhhhhhh. When the rumors first popped up about the two of them hooking up behind Kourtney Kardashian's back, we gasped for a second and then rolled our eyes over the insane level of ridiculousness. But would you believe a new report from Star actually suggests that Kendall Jenner is pregnant with Scott Disick's child?


Yep. They went there. For reals.

With regards to the idea of her little sister getting it on with her baby daddy, a source allegedly claims, "She [Kourtney] can't sleep at night. And when she does, she'll wake up in a cold sweat, dreaming that Kendall is pregnant with Scott's baby."

OMG. You can't make this stuff up, people! Wait, apparently you can, because there's simply no way we're buying that there's any shred of truth to this "report."

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Oh come on -- at the height of her modeling career, Kendall would not a) ruin her pin-thin figure by getting herself knocked up, and/or b) actually sleep with a dude who is technically her brother-in-law and run the risk of him knocking her up.

No way, no how. Kendall may be a lot of things, but stupid most definitely is not one of them. 

Sure, the idea of Scott cheating on Kourtney isn't exactly impossible to believe, but it's pretty safe to say that 99.99 percent of the general population would be totally blown away if there is any shred of truth to him and Kendall so much as brushing up against each other, let alone having all sorts of scandalous sex.

But I guess this new rumor does beg one big question. Why hasn't Scott hypothetically gotten Khloe pregnant yet? I mean, haven't the two of them been having an affair way longer than he and Kendall have?

Poor Koko. She just can't catch a break.

Do you believe there is any truth to the Kendall and Scott rumors?


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