Vanilla Ice Arrested After Allegedly Stealing Bizarre Items From a Neighbor

90's rapper Vanilla Ice isn't exactly living the high life these days. In fact, the singer (real name Robert Van Winkle) has been arrested on charges of burglary and grand theft. The items in question came from a foreclosed home adjacent to the property where he's been living in Lantana, Florida.


The singer-turned-TV personality was reportedly still in custody of the Lantana police on Wednesday afternoon, but authorities plan to turn him over to the Palm Beach County Sheriff.

The thefts allegedly occurred between December 2014 and February 2015. Ice has been renovating a home as part of his DIY Network show The Vanilla Ice Project. Among the items taken were furniture, a pool heater, and bicycles.

The 47-year-old was considered a suspect after the goods went missing, and after police got a search warrant and searched his property. The "Ice Ice Baby" singer cooperated with detectives and even provided a sworn statement before he was charged.

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According to an official statement from the Lantana Police Department, "During the investigation, it was determined Robert Matthew Van Winkle played a role in the burglary and theft."

Anyone else feel like they might be getting punked here? I mean, what was he going to do with stolen furniture and a pool heater? It just seems so randomly bizarre. And then to cooperate fully with the police? Well, I mean I'm glad he did, of course, but you'd think someone of the mindset to steal random bikes from a neighboring, foreclosed-upon property wouldn't exactly want to admit guilt.

Publicity for his show, maybe? Well, whatever the reason, we hope this all gets worked out, and Vanilla Ice stays out of trouble from here on out.

What do you think Vanilla Ice was going to do with a stolen pool heater?


Image via Vanilla Ice/Instagram

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