Kate Middleton May Be Sneakily Hinting About the Sex of Her Baby

kate middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge can't stop and won't stop. For the past few weeks, Kate Middleton seems to have been on a media blitz, making royal appearance after royal appearance. (Perhaps she's packing it in before baby number two arrives?) On Wednesday, the Duchess visited the Emma Bridgewater ceramic factory in Stoke-on-Trent. Her trip was in association with her work with East Anglia Children's Hospices, which is set to receive a specially made charity mug from the company.


Kate, naturally, looked gorgeous and glowy and every bit the excited mom-to-be, but one thing was interesting: Her blue coat. In fact, the Duchess has been donning a lot of blue in the past few weeks. Sure, the color looks great on her, but is she trying to tell us something?

kate middleton

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So far, it seems like the majority of people are assuming the future Queen of England is going to have a girl. So perhaps Kate is trying to throw everyone off with her newfound penchant for blue. Orrrr perhaps she simply can't resist channeling the sweet baby boy who's growing inside of her. Or maybe she's just throwing gender stereotypes to the wind! Or maybe she just likes blue! Ahhh, we'll never know.

For a while now, my money has been on the Duke and Duchess having a baby girl. But with the non-stop blue-fest Kate's been on, it's hard not to wonder if she's got a male bun in her oven. We'll find out soon enough. And hey, even if she does have a girl, I say she keeps wearing blue. She looks great in it.

What do you think Kate is having?


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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