Amal Makes George Clooney Get Serious About Protection

george clooney amalIt's difficult to think of George Clooney as a typical human being doing the everyday things the rest of us do. He's George Clooney. Surely he must have someone else use the loo for him so he doesn't have to. But George is human and because of this he must use protection. For safety. Because ... Amal. (Whisper now) George has a panic room.


No word on if Amal hangs out in there to escape George or his stink of cigars (this is how I imagine him to smell most of the time). But this panic room is rumored to be because of Amal being a high profile human rights lawyer, and things can get heated from the controversial cases she takes on. We all know lawyers tend to have a lot of enemies, unlike George. Amal is also the woman who stole Clooney's heart and may have racked up a few more haters based on that fact alone.

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According to a source, this panic room is being built in their Berkshire, England, mansion and it's "fireproof, bombproof, and attack-resistant." I imagine this panic room to be a windowless fantasy filled with the finest bedding, a lavish fur rug, with a closet full of the most comfortable yet stylish clothes around like pajama suits and evening gowns made of fleece. There must be champagne and of course cigars for Clooney along with some kind of air freshener for when he must light up because ... yuck.

A panic room for the rich and famous! Sure beats my cement basement with a few flashlights and plastic gallons of water. At least now we can all rest easy knowing that if the disaster strikes, George and Amal will be safe.

Do you think George and Amal need a panic room?


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