Dakota Johnson Reveals the Sexy Things She Stole From '50 Shades of Grey' Set

We can think of a million interesting costumes or props that we would have stolen from the Fifty Shades of Grey movie set (Anastasia's gray chiffon graduation dress, for sure), but Dakota Johnson recently revealed there were only a few sexy items she had any interest in swiping—and it might surprise you to learn what they were.


During a Twitter Q&A with Glamour UK, the actress revealed that, yes, she took a flogger from the set that is collecting dust in her garage, but when it came to her on-screen wardrobe, she only had eyes for her character's underwear.

"I stole lots of the underwear—they were comfortable." Johnson admitted.

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Since Anastasia is supposed to be a down-to-earth woman, Johnson wasn't treated to a whole new wardrobe of sexy panties and bras. Costume designer Mark Bridges mostly stuck to well-made white cotton underwear and the occasional lingerie throw-in by Stella McCartney.

I know actors and actresses are constantly stealing mementos from their movie sets, but I have to say I'm a little surprised that Johnson wouldn't automatically get to keep the panties she wore. What on earth would anyone do with them otherwise? Wait. Don't answer that.

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After slipping the gray graduation dress into my bag, the second costume I would have begged and pleaded to keep would have been that gorgeous peach dress Ana wears while meeting Christian's mom. Bridges designed it himself and it's inspired by a dress Faye Dunaway wore in the fantastic classic film The Thomas Crown Affair. I would wear that dress every day of my life and twirl and spin in it all over the streets of Manhattan. And then I'd probably be taken into custody for looking like a maniac. A fabulously dressed maniac.

But I'm guessing it was way easier for Johnson to get away with the underwear.

What would you have stolen from the Fifty Shades set if you were Johnson?


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